--- Landscapes ---

'A storm (super cell) approaches'
Digital painting
'Along the Sammamish River (Fall)'
Digital painting
Digital landscape study done using Procreate
Fishermen's Wharf
Yellowstone prairie
Sunny day in Snohomish
Greene's barn in Vickery, Ohio
Old barn #1
Old barn #2
Ocean Shores
Mt Rainier (fall colors)
Moss covered tree in Issaquah, WA
Along the Sammamish River #1
Late afternoon light on a creek
Country road in Carnation, WA
Haystack Rock
Cannon Beach #2
Colors of Fall #1
Colors of Fall #2
Colors of Fall #3
Old farm tires
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 --- Still Life ---

Take me out to the ballgame
Darth Pez
Light me up
The sound of coffee
Time for tea
Happy St Patrick's Day!
Margarita on the rocks
A pint of Guinness
White carafe on colorful cloth
Best buddies
Lonely pear
Coffee house sketch #1
Coffee house sketch #2
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