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Chad W Greene is an award winning artist living in the Seattle area. Chad specializes in both traditional and digital content/artwork (landscapes, abstract art, still life's and portraits).

Recent Updates

Instagram -- I've been posting daily artwork to my Instagram account - digital

art, traditional art, sketches and more! So if you'd like to see what I'm up to on

a daily basis, check it out! 



Well, with all of the 'social distancing' going on in the World - I was able to finally get around to framing some of my recent paintings! Then I decided to hang a few of them just to view my recent works together (and to fill up that big white wall with color!) - Most of these are available for you to purchase from my <Store>


I came across this recently (below image) and I just love it! (so true)

Latest work

(Above) 'Old barn in Fall City, WA' - 8x10 pastel on pastel paper


(Above) 'Along the Wenatchee River (Leavenworth, WA)' - 8x10 pastel on pastel paper


(Above) 'Brass pot with Apples' - 11x14 oil on canvas


(Above) 'A storm (super cell) approaches' - Digital painting

Click <HERE> to see a time-lapse video of this being painted (https://youtu.be/8dSX4waq2vo)


(Above) 'Along the Sammamish River (Fall)' - Digital painting

Click <HERE> to see a time-lapse video of this being painted (https://youtu.be/Huh3pdDQuo8)


(Above) 'Untitled landscape study' - Digital painting

Click <HERE> to see a time-lapse video of this being painted (https://youtu.be/bl-m15WxdcE)


(Above) 'Untitled still life #1' -- 8x10 oil on canvas panel

(Above) 'Sunflower study #2' -- 5x7 oil on canvas panel


(Above) 'Sunflowers' -- 8x10 oil on canvas panel


(Above) 'A study of reds' -- 8x10 oil on canvas panel

(Above) 'Along the Mebane River' -- 5x7 pastel on UArt paper

(Above) 'Grain silo with a view' -- 5x7 pastel on UArt paper

(Above) 'Montana trail #1' -- 5x7 pastel on UArt paper

(Above) 'Beckman's Lake' -- 9x12 oil on canvas

(Above) 'Winter.. in the Pacific Northwest' -- 8x10 oil on panel

(Above) 'The path around the three poplars' -- 9x12 oil on panel

(Above) 'Mt Rainier' -- 18x24 pastel (on gessoed canvas)

Misc Updates

I had a lot of fun showing my artwork at the local Sammamish Farmer's Market this past Summer!


I'm very honored that one of my paintings was accepted into the Northwest Pastel Society's 33rd International Open Exhibition (juried event) - Exhibit online at AmericanArtCo.com

mountain fall colors

(Above) "The Mountain's Majesty" -- 18x24 pastel on gessoed canvas

(Above) My artwork 'Anguish' was used in the movie, "Relative Strangers" and I was even

cast in the movie to play the part of myself, the artist! Here I am with (L-R) Danny Devito,

Kathy Bates and Neve Campbell

My Artwork was featured in Plein Air Magazine.. click here to read the article/interview:   



(Above) 'Spring bloom in the Pacific Northwest' - 8x10 pastel on pastel paper


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